Rikshem’s interim report January – March 2022: Stable Rikshem sees opportunities in turbulent times

May 06, 2022 07:30 - Regulatory information

Rental income for the period was MSEK 770. The level is a slight increase compared with the same period the previous year. Increased electricity costs meant that net operating income declined during the period. The property portfolio's value increased to MSEK 59,683.

"Rikshem conducts business with a long-term focus. We aim to own properties over a long period and to meet the expectations of our customers and owners during different economic cycles. Although market and external conditions have changed during the year, we are working systematically to streamline and improve energy efficiency in order to reduce costs. I can confirm that Rikshem is stable in these times. Inflation concerns and future interest rate increases can also create opportunities for new business for Rikshem," says Anette Frumerie, CEO of Rikshem.   

  • Rental income was MSEK 770 (760)
  • Rental income for the like-for-like portfolio increased by MSEK 7 or 1.2 percent
  • Net operating income decreased by MSEK 15 to MSEK 385 (400).
  • Income from property management fell by MSEK 3 or 1.0 percent to MSEK 272 (275).
  • Profit before tax for the period increased by MSEK 491 or 113 percent to MSEK 924 (433).
  • The change in value of investment properties was MSEK 124 (95).
  • The property portfolio's value, including joint ventures, amounted to MSEK 59,683 (58,780).
  • Total return, including joint ventures, on a rolling 12-month basis was 13.8 (13.9) percent

Read the full interim report at rikshem.se or in the attached PDF.

For further information, please contact:

Anders Lilja, CFO, +46 10-70 99 308, anders.lilja@rikshem.se