Rikshem’s interim report January–September 2022: Stability in uncertain times

Oct 28, 2022 13:10 - Regulatory information

Rikshem increased its rental income by 4.0 percent. Net operating income was up 1.6 percent to MSEK 1,381 (1,359). The company maintained a high rate of investment in properties during the period with investments totaling MSEK 1,779 (1, 215).


        “Rikshem delivered a good performance despite the market challenges of high inflation and rising interest rates. In turbulent times, it is reassuring to be a company standing on firm ground. We are a long-term company operating in a stable segment and we have strong institutional owners. This is important for our customers, employees, and not least the financial markets. It is reflected in the fact that we have continued to issue bonds on an ongoing basis in what is for many a challenging capital market. Rikshem will continue to pursue its long-term plan and manage the changes we encounter in the world around us, but we are steering a steady course, says Anette Frumerie,” CEO of Rikshem 


  • Rental income was MSEK 2,366 (2,276)
  • Rental income for the like-for-like portfolio rose MSEK 62 or 3.2 percent
  • Net operating income was up 1.6 percent to MSEK 1,381 (1,359)
  • Income from property management was down MSEK 69 to MSEK 1,101 (1,170)
  • Profit before tax for the period was MSEK 2,340 (3,472)
  • The change in value of investment properties was MSEK 178 (2,142)
  • The property portfolio's value, including joint ventures, amounted to MSEK 64,657 (62,112)
  • Total return, including joint ventures, on a rolling 12-month basis was 9.6 (13.9) percent

Read the full interim report at rikshem.se or in the attached PDF.

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Anders Lilja, CFO, +46 10 70 99 308, anders.lilja@rikshem.se