Rikshem’s year-end report 2022: Stable net operating income and reduced vacancies

Feb 03, 2023 07:30 - Regulatory information

Rikshem increased rental income by 3.5 percent to MSEK 3,169 (3,062). Net operating income amounted to MSEK 1,760 (1,768), a stable level despite major cost increases, mainly related to electricity and heating.

        We are leaving behind an unusual year in which war in our immediate area, high inflation and rising interest rates have had a major impact on society. This has of course affected Rikshem but at the same time, Rikshem has seen positive development in the areas we set out to make progress. Revenues for the full year are increasing and we continue to reduce our vacancies. Rikshem is in a strong position, and even in these times of uncertainty, we have access to financing via both the capital market and bank loans, which not everyone has been able to achieve. We are entering 2023 with confidence," says Anette Frumerie, CEO of Rikshem.


  • Rental income increased to MSEK 3,169 (3,062)
  • Rental income for the like-for-like portfolio increased by 3.3 percent
  • Net operating income amounted to MSEK 1,760 (1,768), a decrease of 0.5 percent
  • Net operating income for the like-for-like portfolio decreased by 1.2 percent
  • Income from property management adjusted for non-recurring costs and change in value in JV companies increased to MSEK 1,243 (1,147)
  • The property portfolio's change in value for the year totaled MSEK -1,935 (5,509).
  • Profit for the year totaled MSEK 228 (5,931)  
  • The property portfolio increased in value to MSEK 59,423 (58,780)
  • The total return for the year (including joint ventures) was -0.4 per cent (13.9)


 Read the full year-end report at rikshem.se or in the attached PDF



For further information, please contact:

Anders Lilja, CFO, +46 10-70 99 308, anders.lilja@rikshem.se